Rates, Specials & Reservations

View from Holiday Hill Campground Fountain at the lake at Holiday Hill Campground Wagon and patio near lake Holiday Hill Campground

2018 Camping Rates

Site Type Rate
Water, Electric $38.00 per night
Water, Electric, Sewer $42.00 per night
Sunday - Thursday $2.00 less per night
Holiday and Halloween Weekends $3.00 more per night
Additional Person $10.00 per night
Visitors $5.00 each per day

Reservation Policies

  • Check-in is at 2:00PM and check-out is at 1:00PM.
  • Our rates are based on a family (parents and up to 3 children under 18), or non-family group of 4 individuals.
  • Additional persons $10.00, visitors $5.00.
  • A maximum of 6 people are allowed per site, with a maximum of 4 adults.
  • Only 1 camping unit and 1 vehicle allowed on site.
  • Fees are charged to everyone who enters the park (stays less than 1 hour may be eligible for a refund.)
  • Reservations may be made up to one year in advance with a deposit.
  • Two night minimum reservation.
  • The minimum age to rent and occupy a site is 21.
  • Weekly rates available on request.
  • Cancellation Policy: Refunds, less a $10.00 handling fee, will be given if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the arrival date. Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to arrival for cabin rentals and 14 days prior to arrival for trailer rentals. Holiday and special events (Hilltop Hauntings) are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless sites can be rebooked.
  • Site deposits are due within 10 days of making your reservation.
  • Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are 3 night prepaid minimum stays.
  • Halloween weekends are 2 night prepaid minimum stays.
  • Early arrival or late checkout (if site is not in use) is available for $2.00 an hour.
  • Friendly pets are allowed on general sites. Current Rabies Certificate required at check-in. No pets in rental units.
    Pets are subject to special regulations (maximum 2 per site.)

Cabin & Trailer Rentals

  • Rental unit check-in 2:00PM / check-out 12:00PM
Sunday - Thursday: $59.00 Friday - Saturday: $63.00 Holiday Weekends: $66.00
Rates are for up to 5 people, which is the maximum allowed in a cabin.
Our cabins sleep 4 people comfortably (bunks & double bed) and have covered porches on wooded sites that include water, lights, electricity, small refrigerator, table, fire ring, and charcoal grill. All you need to bring are linens, cooking, and cleaning supplies.
Hornet Trailer
Sunday - Thursday: $95.00 Friday - Saturday: $99.00 Holiday Weekends: $102.00
The Hornet is a 39 foot, 2 bedroom, bunkhouse model. Our rates are for up to 5 people, the maximum allowable occupancy.
Wildwood Trailer
Sunday - Thursday: $95.00 Friday - Saturday: $99.00 Holiday Weekends: $102.00
The Wildwood is a 32 foot, 2 bedroom, bunkhouse model. Our rates are for up to 5 people, the maximum allowable occupancy.
Trailers are newer super slide designs and include: air conditioning, coffee maker, toaster, stereo, and microwave. Trailer rental fee includes: wooded site, water, electric, charcoal grill, fire ring, deck, awning, heat, hot water, stove, and septic service. All you need to bring are linens and cooking and cleaning supplies.
Rates above do not include tax & security deposit.
Cancellation Policy for Cabin & Trailer Rentals: Refunds, less a $10.00 handling charge, will be given if cancellation is made 7 days prior to arrival date for Cabin Rentals and at least 14 days prior to arrival date for Trailer Rentals. Holiday and Special Events are non-refundable, unless rebooked.


Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, Spring & Fall Savings!

Seasonal / Monthly Sites Offer:

  • A Guaranteed Site.
  • No phoning for reservations of unseen and unknown sites.
  • Pick the available site of your choice.
  • If a site opens that you like better you can always move, just let us know.
  • Eliminate the “thrill” of hooking up and towing every weekend.
  • Save money on gas and maintenance.
  • Meet like-minded people who also enjoy camping, the outdoors, fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing around a crackling campfire.
  • Save all that time packing and setting up and you could gain up to 100 hours a season of extra relaxation time.
  • Monthly campers receive valuable discounts: 1/2 price visitor passes, and a 10% discount on clothing & RV supplies.
  • Save money, save time, make friends, relax and enjoy everything that Holiday Hill Campground has to offer!

Wildlife and Pests

While enjoying the great outdoors with family, it is wise to explain the potential dangers. Bees, snakes, skunks, raccoons, poison ivy and other natural pests do exist here. To avoid attracting them, do not leave food or trash out. When hiking, stay on the marked trails. If you run into a wild critter, stay still and they will most likely ignore you. If you brought a pet, keep it under control and bring it in at night.

Weekly Rate

Stay 6 nights with us and your 7th night is FREE. Ask us about our weekly rates!

Seasonal Rates

Site Type Rate
Standard Site $1,585.00 (Plus Metered Electric.)
Creekside Site $1,610 .00 (Plus Metered Electric.)
Pondside Site $1,635 .00 (Plus Metered Electric.)
Rates are based on families of up to 2 adults and 3 dependent children or 3 adults.

Seasonal guests also receive 10% off on camping and RV supplies at our camp store and 1/2 price visitor coupons, 25 passes for $35.00.

Monthly Rates

Site Type Rate
Standard Site $617.00 per month (Plus Metered Electric.)
Creekside Site $622 .00 per month (Plus Metered Electric.)
Pondside Site $627 .00 per month (Plus Metered Electric.)
Monthly rate includes a campsite for a calendar month (May 1st to May 31st, June 1st to June 30th etc.), free WiFi plus 1 sewer dump service each week of your stay (dumps are performed on Mondays or Tuesdays.) Rates are based on families of up to 2 adults and 3 dependent children or 3 adults.

Extra registered campers are $20.00 per month.

Monthly guests also receive 10% off on camping and RV supplies at our camp store and 1/2 price visitor coupons, 25 passes for $35.00.

Spring & Fall Specials

Tired of towing and driving your rig & the high price of fuel? Park your rig and leave it on site for 6 consecutive weekends of family fun! While your rig can stay on site for the duration, you may only use the camper on weekends. The camper must be unplugged during the week unless prior arrangements have been made in the office. Rental units are not included in these specials.

Spring Special: $340.00

Our Spring Special runs from April 27th through June 3rd and includes Memorial Day weekend.

Fall Special: $350.00

Our Fall Special runs from August 24th through September 30th and includes Labor Day weekend and the first of two Hilltop Hauntings.

Other Rates:

  • Septic Service: $10.00 on Monday or Tuesday, $15.00 Wednesday through Sunday.
  • ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Many other extra services are available.
    Prices for trailer moves, winterizing, propane, firewood, and towing services are available in the office.


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(Rabies Certificates required.)
Your reservation will be confirmed by us via telephone within 2 business days of submitting this form.
Reservations are not guaranteed until confirmation.
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Holiday Hill Campground

7818 Marvin Hill Road
Springwater, NY 14560

(585) 669-2600
1 800 719-2267
E-mail Us